It's mid-October...

.. therefore, I am tired. Lots of deadlines are looming. Students are getting a little more comfortable in my room, and combined with the fluctuations in weather, weird (i.e. tiring) behavior is happening.

The slump is real, y'all. Is it terrible that I'm kind of looking forward to jury duty next week, just for a change of scenery? I'm sure I'll regret that sentiment when I'm at City Hall. 

Mini-rant aside, I do want to share what some of my students have been up to these past few weeks. For our current project, we're using littleBits, which are awesome magnetic circuit pieces that have a variety of functions... and no, they are not paying me to say that, although they are welcome to do so. ;)  Students have really simple requirements: team up and build something that 1. moves, and 2. makes marks on paper. They're limited in some of the parts that everyone needs, like batteries and on/off switches, but aside from that, the field is wide open. 

Right now they're about halfway through. I asked them to turn in a sketch last week of their plans for their machines; here are a few: 

littleBits are incredibly accessible and fun to work with... perfect for me, a teacher who wants to inject some STEAM in my room but lacks a lot of engineering knowledge.

I ran this project in my class last year and it was a big hit. Here's hoping this year's students surpass last year! Stay tuned for videos and photos of their final products.