One of the really cool things about being at a new school (we're in year 3! Mere toddler age!) is that we're taking part in creating traditions and the school-wide culture. I've been here at Energy since the beginning of year 2, and so far it looks like going over the top on Halloween is going to be one of our big school traditions. Both years I've been here, a few clubs have joined forces and made really cool haunted houses in an unused hallway. I think it's their biggest fundraiser of the year, and unsurprisingly so -- they do an awesome job with it!

Last year we were encouraged to dress up on the day of Halloween, but this year, students and teachers were given different themes per day. It was definitely a fun way to show some school spirit and to kind of relieve some stress and tension from grades being due, paperwork piles, and the aforementioned general craziness of October. 

Monday: "Decades Day": I chose '60s and went for a Twiggy-ish look using stuff I already had in my closet and vanity. 

I thought I looked awesome (though maybe a little clown-y) but students didn't really "get" it.

Tuesday: "Neon Glow": This was so fun! I was really glad to get to wash my face and hair when I got home though. The eyelashes were a big hit but SO annoying.This pink spray also stuck in the blondest parts of my hair for quite a while. 

Wednesday: Characters and Superheroes: A trip to Value Village and some glitter fabric paint = Ravenclaw student. There were a couple other Hogwarts students on campus that day, too! I got really envious of all the students I ran into who had been to the Wizarding World in Orlando and had "real" wands" 

Thursday: Nerds!: I had a hard time with this one! I didn't want to go full Urkel, so this was another "what's in my closet" day for me.. mostly video game related items. Several students asked me why I didn't dress up. Guess I'm kinda nerdy all the time!

Friday: All costumes! I was Bob Ross, which only a few students guessed. A lot of them thought I was dressed as one of the math teachers at the school because of my beard... I should note that this math teacher does not have a 'fro or carry around a palette. 

Since they were unfamiliar, we had to watch an episode of The Joy of Painting in my class. It was mostly ignored, but there were a few students in each class who were completely entranced by the show and how calming Bob Ross' voice is. 

Students who dressed up were allowed to enter in a costume contest in several different categories. I think they should have one for teachers next year, too... Look how awesome we look!